Balidog // Deep South from Jordan Jaffrey on Vimeo.

Scott ‘Whippy’ Dennis is a South Coast hell-man. After spending the good portion of the year filming with good mate Brett Burcher to produce Carpark Stories for Waves, Whippy put this clip together of all the leftovers and boy is there some gold. In the first drop we head to the deep south and get hunting for slabs. 

Here’s what Whippy had to say to Tracks.

“So the first trip was deep south, we saw the charts looking good and hit the road for four days of driving.  It was hectic for two days of surfing but well worth it. After surfing that right we saw that the charts looked good for this left back in Vico so we packed the car and got back on the road. My good mate Darcy ward filmed the whole trip, sleeping on the road while Brett and I were living it up in the wagon. All in all it was just good times on the road with mates.”