Tough Bastard

Tough Bastard


The Vern Jackson “Tough Bastards” are a computer designed, machine cut, hand finished board. Using high quality polyurethane blanks with over sized 3/16” stringers, catering for greater flex and more “spring” out of turns.

Glassed with your choice of 4oz, 5oz, 6oz  and 7.5oz combination fiberglass cloth incorporating the use of CET Epoxy resin, gives increased snapping resistance and a much higher impact strength.

Epoxy Resin will not shatter like polyester resin. Therefore decks do not get “onion rings” and crack as easily under foot, due to the fact that Epoxy resin will flex with impact.

These boards are available in any custom shape or size e.g. Fish‘s, Shortboards,Tow, Guns, Malibu’s, etc.

Vern Jackson’s “Tough Bastards” are the best ridden using your old favorite length, width and thickness.

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