Nick Name: Hano

DOB: 21/10/1987

Born: Bulli, New South Wales, Australia 

Resides: Mystery Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Height: 5’10” (177 cm)

Weight: 68 kgs

Stance: Natural (Regular)

Shaper(s): VJS Vern Jackson Surfboards

Magic Stick: 5’10, 18′ 1/4, 2′ 1/18 squash tail.

Training Ground: Beaches round home. lakeys.

Favorite Wave: Anything that barrels with a ramp on the end.

Favorite Maneuver: pits and punts.

Inspirations: Dad, parko, josh kerr, anyone who can ride barrels good.

Bio: Hey, i’m Liam Hanigan, i live in mystery bay, on the far south coast of nsw and I love surfing. thats about it.